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10 August 2008 @ 01:26 pm
RPG - Senjuu Legacy  


Senjuu Legacy is an AU Roleplay, based on the canon Naruto universe, and deviates from canon timeline as of the manga chapter 405. Our goal is to explore the lives of the shinobi as they move through life: Their missions, battles, failures and victories, celebrations and even loves.

Plot is both player and mod driven. We encourage players to interact as thoroughly as possible, and to take advantage of canon relationships and norms. Mod plots will largely be presented through missions assignments and reports as log postings, as well as cultural and seasonal references. We also encourage the players to contribute any ideas they would like to see incorporated into gamewide plot.

While there are computers in canon environments, we understand that the use of an online journal community is somewhat out of character. With that in mind, feel free to use your journal as an online representation of your characters' inner thoughts, physical journal, or online journal. The only thing we ask is that you remain active and participate.

This is an open minded community. We do not discriminate against sexual preferences, though we do ask that canon gender identities and legalities in regards to age and consent be respected.

Character availability includes any canon character that is alive in the current canon timeline, as well as characters that are no longer alive. The moderators reserve the right to deny applications of characters that would be unreasonable to have in play, such as the Shodai or Nidaime Hokages. We will allow one canon and one alternate of each character, or two alternates at any given time. A third alternate may be allowed at mod discretion. If you want to apply a character who already has two versions in play, please contact the moderators to pitch your concept before submitting an application.

Although we do encourage alternate versions of characters, we would like to keep the overall tone of this RP very close to the feel of the canon Narutoverse. Please keep this in mind if you plan to app an alternate.

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